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Used Oil Treatment System ESSORP

  • ESSORP-Treatment & recycling of used oils, land based and on board of ships
  • Land based: recovery of oil as a substitution fuel oil (ESSORP-LB-Technology)
  • Ships: reduction of the daily amount of used oils by separation of the water phase (ESSORP-Technology)

Waste Treatment Systems

  • Shredder
  • Recycling Equipment
  • Incinerators
  • Gasification Systems
  • Food Waste Treatment Systems
  • Electrical & Thermal Dryers
  • HTC-Systems
  • Tanks & Silos

Decanter & Separators

  • Powerful 2-Phase & 3-Phase Decanter and Separators for following field of application:
  • wastewater   /   sludges   /   used oils   / oily emulsions   /   oily water
  • Capacities from 0,5m3 / h up to 100 m3 / h

Water Treatment Systems

  • Treatment of water / waste water / according to the existing local, national and international rules and regulations. Depending on the application a special membrane technology will be used.

Sludge Dewatering

  • Continuously & discontinuously systems
  • Dewatering 15 -70 % DS depending of the input
  • Easy to install less required space
  • Retrofit possible

Cooling Emulsions

  • Special developed ultrasonic treatment systems for reducing of bacterial growth without adding any chemical.
  • Special filter for separation of small particles and free water from the cooling emulsions

Vacuum-Transport Systems

  • For discharge and transport of waste from slaughterhouses / bones /  fish skins / food waste
  • Systems are modular and at every time upgradeable due to modular design principle
  • Hygienic & low odour

Grease Traps & Oil Traps

  • Grease Traps & Oil Traps made of stainless steel or HDPE
  • Manual / semi-automatic / fully-automatic


  • Filter for cleaning of oils, fuel oils, emulsions, water and other liquids
  • Filter fineness down to 10 µm
  • Filter with integrated coalescence unit for removal of water from oil.
  • Self-cleaning or with filter cartridges


  • Special pumps for different liquids
  • Pumping of high viscous liquids up to 100.000 cSt.
  • Pumping of liquids with high amount of solids
  • Transport of food waste and waste from slaughterhouses
  • Pumps with integrated macerator

Lifting Units & Tanks

  • Lifting Units and Tanks for handling of diverse liquids
  • Design and pumps according to specific application
  • Standard-Tanks from 125 litter up to 2500 litter


  • Different sizes
  • For treatment of von bio waste / food waste / food / kitchen waste / slaughterhouse waste / bones

Ultrasonic Bath / Ultrasonic Reactors & Ultrasonic Plates

  • Ultrasonic bath with and without heating, adjustable from 30 – 80°C
  • With timer
  • Standard-bath volumes 0,9 up to 90 litter
  • PC-interface for laboratory automation
  • Ultrasonic Reactors for process engineering and sonochemical applications
  • Ultrasonic Plates for integration in tanks and ultrasonic bathes

Metal Detector

  • Detects magnitic and non-magnetic metals even if they are embedded in the product
  • Simple operation even for untrained personal
  • Products or conveyors with own conductibility (effect by the product) e.g. moisture, carbonates have no effect to the sensivity of the detector


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